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Golden Voice - Performance Tracks

Dawn Marie's Satin Show Scarves - Concert Scarves

BE Elvis! - A Book

B&K Enterprises - Jumpsuits

Golden Voice - Reviewed by Big T
I have just heard the absolute best reproduction of Elvis’s most famous concert. Kjell Bjornestad and Cvan Avian of GOLDEN VOICE have produced an absolute work of art. Their production of Aloha from Hawaii is the closest thing to actually singing with Elvis’s TCB Band that an Elvis Tribute Artist, or ETA, can get without putting together their own band and live orchestra. Every detail of every song is there, from the drums to the guitar to the backup vocals and even harmony. To order simply go to .

Sound Quality:
Background Vocals:

Dawn Marie's Satin Show Scarves - Reviewed by Kevin
Scarves – the quintessential stage prop for Vegas era shows. If you perform in a studded jumpsuit, chances are you know the importance of having a healthy supply of satin scarves on hand.

We received a selection of concert scarves from Dawn Marie’s Satin Show Scarves. Our first impression, “Wow, these are really nice scarves!” Beautiful colors, great satin fabric, and most importantly no frays on the ends. Each scarf is hand sutured with matching thread like it should be (not folded and sown). The size, about 7” by 44”, a good manageable length. Another notable feature is the screen-printed image of an “ETA” (see photo). A nice touch and the perfect location for an after show autograph.

Aside from the quality of the scarves, we were very impressed with the packaging, shipping and a nice little note about how they “sincerely appreciate our patronage”. It’s that “personal touch” that really wins me over. One phone call gave me the full story.

Dawn Marie and husband Ray have been manufacturing concert scarves since the mid 80’s and they’re passionate about making quality scarves and building customer rapport. They offer 4 versions of their scarves sold in packages designed to fit any budget. Colors range from Acapulco Aqua to Paradise Pink to Graceland White (about 12 to choose from). They also provide teddy bears, each with its’ own scarf. All of their products are great for onstage give-aways and after show sales. Shipping is Priority Mail and it’s always included with the price of the merchandise. Best of all, every order gets that “personal touch”.
Call ‘em, you’ll see. 219-759-1472


Be Elvis! - author Rick Marino
When you're Elvis, you're royalty. Take it from one of the country's premier Elvis impersonators, Rick Marino. With 30+ years of being the King under his rhinestone-studded belt, Rick knows better than anyone about Elvis' enduring legacy of passion, blue suede shoes and polyester capes. Be Elvis! helps you harness the King's power. From jumpsuits to sideburns to, the trademark sunglasses, this hilarious yet practical step-by-step guide will enchant everyone who's ever wanted to capture the flashy and seductive charm of Elvis.

Learn from Rick what it's really like to be the King, from the peanut butter and banana sandwiches and bellbottoms to the adoring fans, from the scent of Elvis' favorite cologne to the way it feels to slip into your own gem-studded jumpsuit, and much, much more!

B & K Enterprises - Reviewed by Reggie Randolph
A good, quality jumpsuit is a must if you are going to be an Elvis entertainer and in today's market you can find jumpsuits just about anywhere at any price, but if you want to have the best quality with the most authenticity, B & K Enterprises would be the only place to go for me. Butch and Kim Polston started their business not long after the death of Elvis and because they have the reserved rights to duplicate these costumes from the original patterns, by Bill Belew & Gene Doucette, it remains to be the most original and most authentic suit on the market today.

All of their suits are made with the finest materials on the market, from the finest blends of gaberdine and gold lame to the imported lamb skin of the black leather. Some people may say that they charge too much for these suits but have you ever heard the term "you get what you pay for"? For instance, in the case of the '68 Comeback black leather outfit, most vendors only offer imitation leather. B & K uses top grain black kid leather that can cost as much as $900 just for the material for a single suit. Also, when you order an embroidered suit, the embroidery is done by Gene Doucette, the man who actually embroidered suits for Elvis. So, when comparing apples to apples, dollar to dollar, the quality and price of the B & K suits cannot be beat. I would rather invest in a better quality suit made and cut from the same original pattern as Elvis than to get a less costly imitation. Keep in mind though that this is not a cut down of anyone else's product, it is just a testament of the best product on the market. Be sure and look up B & K on their website.


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