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Lou Vuto has been performing his Salute to Elvis since 1978, where he won first place in his High School talent show. Since then he has been causing no small stir among those who love Elvis. Even those who attend his show not knowing much about Presley, leave as Elvis fans. Vuto, an Elvis fan himself, portrays Elvis in a very complimentary light, reliving the lean, mean, electrifying Elvis Presley Show. Vuto has the charisma, the stage presence,the personality and the persona to communicate that Presley magic.

Charlie Hodge, Elvis' best friend and band member has worked with Vuto for almost seven years. Even though he worked so closely with Presley, Hodge is a true admirer of Vuto's interpretation. "Lou does a first class tribute to Elvis, with a perfect combination of looks, voice, moves and -most of all-humility," Hodge says. JD Sumner and The Stamps Quartet have also worked with Vuto. The late Mr. Sumner said, "He's a fine young man and he portrays my friend Elvis in a favorable light." Ed Hill, a member of The Stamps Quartet who worked with Presley throughout the concert years said: "Many things Lou does on stage, remind me very much of Elvis." Lou Vuto has had the privilege of meeting some of Elvis' other friends and acquaintances. The Jordanaires (Elvis' back up voaclists in the 1950s and 60s), DJ Fontana (Elvis' drummer in the 1950s), Kathy Westmoreland (Elvis' suprano singer), Joe Esposito (Elvis' Close friend and Road Manager), the late Col. Tom Parker (Elvis' Manager), and Elvis' Uncle Vestor, among others.

Lou has won various Elvis Impersonator contests accross the country and also placed as one of the top twenty Elvis Impersonators internationally. For those who have seen the real Elvis, Lou brings back many wonderful memories. For those who have never seen Elvis, Lou gives a taste of what it must have been like. Lou Vuto, an exciting entertainer, captivates his audience with the heart and soul of Elvis.

Lou is interested in branching out and expanding his acting career but he will continue to perform his nationally acclaimed stage show as long as the people keep coming.

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