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A short excerpt from the book by Melody Sanders and June Moore

Doug Church
A memory from Nance Fox Elvis Entertainers Network

Doug Church was performing at the Sabre Room awhile ago, and I had a photographer in from California who was doing a study of Impersonators. I arranged for him to set up his photo shoot in another room at the Sabre Room. Several of my Entertainers came in from out of state and I had the local guys gather after their respective shows...

By midnight, all the photos had been taken and everyone but Doug had changed back into their "civvies". Doug was on stage, and saw Joe Tirrito (from Hickory Hills, IL), Quentin Flagg (from Argos, IN), Gene DiNapoli (from New York City), Eric Erickson (from Traverse City, MI), Martin Anthony (from Southern California), Jason Parks (from the ExSpense Account Show Band) and Johnny Thompson (from Lombard, IL)- all of them with flowers to present to him!

Doug is the consummate pro; he accepted each flower gracefully with a kiss on the forehead for each of them. He had a little harder time, however, when he was singing his next song. The crowd went wild, yelling and screaming.

He glanced around and behind him, on stage, were all of them, dancing and swaying to the song he was singing. Again, Doug handled the situation. He simply backed up, joined arms with the group of pranksters and they all finished the song.

Everyone at the show enjoyed the fun and the guys had a great time. We all ended up in a restaurant at 3:00am - my sides hurt the next day from too much laughing...

"Walk a Mile in Their Shoes..." contains in-depth interviews with uncensored "straight from the heart" candor revealing today's world of Elvis Tribute Artists. "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes..." is now available in paper back and can be purchased online via the JuMel Publishing website.

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