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A short excerpt from the book by Melody Sanders and June Moore

Jamie Aaron Kelley
A memory from Larry Kelley

When I first met Jamie Aaron Kelley, he was “singing” very loudly, twisting and shaken’ all over the place. His hands and arms seemed to go everywhere. And his hair- a lot of hair, that looked like it could use a comb.

That was the first time those bright, white “spotlights” hit him cause, prior to that he was singing strictly in the dark. No one had ever heard of him before that moment... in fact, no one had ever “heard” him before!

Yes, I was there when he donned his first “outfit”. At that moment, his mother realized what was causing all the fuss. She wasn’t sure what to expect, nor was I. But it didn’t take long to realize he was rockin’ and a rollin’ then, and he continues to do so today!

That’s when she and I both met Jamie Aaron Kelley... and now, for the rest of the story... still unfolding!!!

A few excerpts from the interview with Jamie Aaron Kelley.

Your dad was a Tribute Artist also. So from that side of the coin, how was it living with a Tribute Artist while growing up?
Well, that’s kind of hard to say, since I only grew up that way. He did have another job, so it wasn’t always about Elvis all the time, but it was nice that we both enjoyed the music.

How old were you when he first took you on-stage with him?
I was 11 months old. But I was performing with him regularly after I started singing, which was about age three.

To what heights would you like to take your career?
Well, I’m looking at two options right now: One, I can do Elvis performing, taking it to a bigger and bigger level, and doing well that way; or Two: Depending on how the album of songs goes that I’m planning (they’re songs of an Elvis sound, but not songs Elvis did), I might try to launch a solo career, something like what Ronnie McDowell is doing. The plus about that side is that if my own music does well, and people who aren’t Elvis fans, like my music, then they learn I’m an Elvis fan; they might give Elvis another look.

Jamie has just recently successfully pulled together this very special album titled Unfinished Business-beautifully done, and complete with many of Elvis’ own musicians.

Jamie’s website address-

"Walk a Mile in Their Shoes..." contains in-depth interviews with uncensored "straight from the heart" candor revealing today's world of Elvis Tribute Artists. "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes..." is now available in paper back and can be purchased online via the JuMel Publishing website.

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