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The Elvis Impersonation Kitcover

A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming The King
by Laura Lee

Everyone knows it’s good to be the King, and now it’s your turn to get a taste. The Elvis Impersonation Kit makes it easier than ever to swivel your hips and curl your lip just like the King himself. Packaged with a pair of plush, paste-on sideburns, a ring, and a pair of Elvis sunglasses, this is the must-have kit for every Elvis wannabe. Whether the goal is small (to imitate Elvis authentically at a party) or lofty (to take the stage at an Elvis tribute artist event) this complete guide to reincarnation as the King takes you step-by-step through the majestic metamorphosis.

Author Laura Lee covers the all the questions that every impersonator must face. Such as whether to be 50’s Elvis, 70’s Elvis, Movie Star Elvis, Gospel Elvis, or Rockabilly Elvis? Or how to sing like Elvis, move like Elvis, capture an audience like Elvis, and even eat like Elvis!? If you’re not sure how to pull off the non-white and/or non-male Elvis, well don’t worry because that too is explained in the pages of The Elvis Impersonation Kit. But your Elvis education does not stop there. Read sage advice and testimonials from professional Elvis tribute artists, pick up little-known facts about your idol, and cash in on the subtle secret to achieving the essence of Elvis.
The kit includes: A Karaoke CD * A pair of authentic imitation Elvis sideburns * A pair of Elvis sunglasses * A chunky Elvis ring * Hair Styling and Clothing Advice * Infamous Elvis Dance Moves * How to Sing Like the King * Tips from Real Elvis Tribute Artists * And Much More!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Laura Lee is the author of numerous books including The Encyclopedia of Aggravation published by Black Dog & Leventhal, Blame it on the Rain: How the Weather has Changed History and Shaped Culture, and 100 Most Dangerous Things in Life. She lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

The Elvis Impersonation Kit
9” x 11” (book), 10 ¼” x 12 ¼” (binder)
Only $19.95
Available through most major book sellers.
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