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Golden Voice Is An ETAs Golden Ticket!

“Aloha, from Hawaii” is near perfection!

First off let me say this, WOW and if you didn’t hear me, let me reiterate, W O W. I have just heard the absolute best reproduction of Elvis’s most famous concert. Kjell Bjornestad and Cvan Avian of GOLDEN VOICE have produced an absolute work of art. Their production of Aloha from Hawaii is the closest thing to actually singing with Elvis’s TCB Band that an Elvis Tribute Artist, or ETA, can get without putting together their own band and live orchestra. Every detail of every song is there, from the drums to the guitar to the backup vocals and even harmony.

As most of you know from my very first introductory article, I love singing Elvis music and the Aloha from Hawaii concert is my favorite, I know that concert backwards and forward and singing along with this CD gave me goose bumps. You can close your eyes and see Elvis moving to the beat laid down by Ronnie Tutt as it is perfectly reproduced and feel the sensation as the orchestra comes in on “An American Trilogy“. Then feel the energy from the faster concert version of “Suspicious Minds”. There is even the harmony of Charlie Hodge and the low bass of JD Sumner recreated to the point that would have made Elvis himself proud. My recommendation to you is to order this CD and feel it for yourself, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Any ETA specializing in the later years of Elvis’ career should be using this product, I recommend it over and above any Karaoke CD currently on the market. Every song from the Aloha from Hawaii concert is on this CD, including the five songs only released on the Alternate Aloha album. From opening to closing, you could truly recreate the Aloha from Hawaii concert for any function with perfect sound and harmony without having to hire extra performers.

To order simply go to www.goldenvoice.net or simply click on the link on our web site, while there, listen to the samples provided and judge for yourself but let me say this, if you do not have a good speaker system on your computer, it will not do it justice. This CD deserves to be heard on a large quality sound system. While you are there, drop them a quick note and tell them Eimpersonators.com sent you.

Coming next month, I will be reviewing another GOLDEN VOICE release, LIVE at the International Hotel, Las Vegas 1969, with more releases to come. Until then E-Fans, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building, Thank you and Goodnight!”

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Until next time E fans, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!".

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