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What Is The Most Difficult Elvis Song To Sing?

In all the years I have been singing Elvis’ music, I have only run into a small percentage of songs that would appear to be difficult. I am not saying that it is easy to sing all of Elvis’ songs, I am just saying that there are a choice few out there that even the seasoned ETA might have trouble hitting if their voice is not 100%. For starters, I have seen very few ETA’s that are capable in singing in all era’s of Elvis’ career, the Rockabilly and the Later “Vegas” years. Most ETA’s try to emulate the later due to the magnificent showmanship involved. There are a few out there that do an honest lifetime tribute to the King of Rock & Roll, starting with his early music and moving right on into the 70’s with the almost Operatic style of voice Elvis had.

The most difficult of Elvis’ early music would have to be “Hound Dog“, it is done with a higher and raspier style of voice than other hits like “Love Me Tender”, or “Don’t Be Cruel” or even “Jailhouse Rock”, most ETA’s I have seen choose to do a later concert version of this song where Elvis’ voice was lower and more matured. Another thing, if you can’t sing Elvis’ younger songs in the right range, it’s best to just leave them out of your library, if it is too low, it sounds ridiculous.

Now as for Elvis’ later years, there are two songs that come to mind and they are not completely difficult, just the more powerful endings or beginnings. First, there’s “Hurt”, this song starts out with a high and powerful note, comes down in the melody, goes up again, comes down again and up for the finale. If you can’t get the proper wind and range on this song, it totally destroys the reason people enjoy it. Don’t let “Hurt” hurt your performance.

The second song that comes to mind is Elvis’ patriotic “American Trilogy”, although this song is low and easy most of the way through it is the powerful ending that really grabs an audience and sends chills through their bodies. I have performed this song in front of many crowds and every time I finish, I can see tears in peoples eyes.

So in closing, if you can’t hit these songs with 100% power, you might want to put them at a less climactic point of your performance, remember, your last song is the one they will remember longest. If you have a song that you believe is difficult to perform or if you have ideas for other ETA’s, please send us a line and we will review and address each one.

Until next time E fans, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!".

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