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"A Little Less Conversation", Needs A Little More Action!

The JXL remix of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" is a huge success in Europe but why not in the U.S.. If anyone should be eager to hear a modern version of an Elvis classic, it should be us Americans. As a DJ, I have mixed in "A Little Less Conversation" at different clubs with the other mainstream dance music and I always have someone asking me who the song is done by and when they find out, they all have the same reaction, they want to know where they can purchase a copy and why hasn't the local radio stations been playing it.

Elvis Presley is as much America as Mom and Apple Pie, why the local stations have not picked up on this fact is beyond me. It is a great dance mix and I have yet to hear someone say anything negative about it. It is my feeling that if the song were to get the airplay that it deserves, it would surely move up the charts in the U.S.. I called one local station and requested it and the DJ didn't even know about it, let alone have a copy on hand to play, so I took a ride down to the station myself and presented them with a copy of it myself and they still have not played it. I think RCA and BMG need to give it a push and try to get it on the air, if it is being played in your area, I applaud the programmers in your area. Americans need to respect where today's music came from and JXL proved that Elvis Presley is a timeless classic, my hat goes off to you JXL, awesome job.

In closing, the remix version of "A Little Less Conversation" is available on Karaoke Discs, Sunfly has a version on disc # SF192 and there is also a version available on Pop Hits Monthly disc for October, 2002. I prefer the Pop Hits Version, it is more true to the original sound, if any other versions are available, please let me know..

Until next time E fans, "Elvis has left the building!".

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