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In reverent memory of the 25th anniversary of the King's departure, the staff and of friends of E Impersonators is currently on the traditional pilgrimage to GRACELAND. We hope you have come to this site because we made contact with you somewhere along the road to Mecca.

As you might suspect the pilgrimage always starts in Tupelo. (Where else would you expect it to begin?) When they talk about the baby Jesus the story never starts with him in Nazareth, it always begins with Bethlehem.

Anyway, the two-room-shot-gun shack that Elvis and his parents called home during the early years helped to feed his appetite for extravagance later in life. But it was from humble beginings that the King of Rock-n-Roll started his journey and so we start the pilgrimage in the same manner.

Although, the drive from Tupelo to Memphis is just a little over two hours the transformation that takes place among the E Impersonators staff is almost as life changing as that of the King's. The excitement grows as CD's of Elvis' top hits and obscure vocal tracks fill the air. As we approach Memphis, the energy generally becomes so intense that we drive across the Mississippi into Arkansas, just to give ourselves the extra time to settle into the spirit of Memphis and Beale Street. The second stop on the pilgrimage brings us to lunch at the famed Sun Studios. The mystique of Sun Studio's only grows as we embark on the thirty minute tour of a single room.

With the spirit of Elvis , Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bono resting comfortably on our shoulders, we head to Elvis Presley Boulevard and the hallowed halls of GRACELAND. The sites, the sounds, the smells of GRACELAND provide Elvis fans with a connection that very few performers can ever achieve with their fans. And after 25 years, the spirit of Elvis inside GRACELAND is a strong as the day he bought it.

The last two years have provided an additional experience that many would consider a once in a life time opportunity, but the dedicated staff of E Impersonators has defied the odds and experienced it twice - Elvis: The Concert.

The day concludes with a stroll down Beale Street and a night-cap at Elvis Presley's Memphis.

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