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by Kevin

I remember several years ago (I think it was 1992) a book came out entitled "Elvis is Everywhere". Inside were some humorous and artful photos of Elvis Impersonators and Elvis memorabilia. At the time I remember thinking, "I'm glad people still remember Elvis." But I wasn't confident it would last.

Personally, I'd been an Elvis fan since I was 6, I distinctly remember the day he died, and I couldn't pass up a stack of garage sale records without fingering through hoping for a lost gem. But as far as the general public... I figured it wouldn't be long before "Elvis" was nothing more than an occasional TV special or a funny Halloween costume.

Boy was I wrong.

Twenty-seven long years since his death, it's amazing how Elvis is continually being reborn. From the release of "Elvis 1" and "Second to None" to the remixes that caught the ear of a new generation; From the big-screen homage in "Lilo and Stitch" to the new CBS miniseries; Elvis has not only stood the test of time but he's actually grown in popularity finding new audiences every day.

Doc Walker, the afternoon DJ on Elvis Radio, said that RCA has re-released 9 Elvis singles over the last 9 weeks in the UK and all have debuted in the top 10, most reaching #1. (Sorry Beatles fans.) Graceland is the most visited residence second only to the White House. And EPE has just revealed its "Elvis Lives" marketing campaign. Eimpersonators now has a listing of more than 200 Elvis impersonators that span from Tupelo, Mississippi to the Philippines. People don't just remember Elvis, they love him.

I'm glad I was wrong.

I've heard it said that Elvis was ahead of his time... maybe this is his time. Tonight, I'll kick back in my Elvis pajamas, browse through Elvis.com, and listen to Elvis satellite radio.

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