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More than just a Scarf

by Ray Maas

A concert scarf is so much more than just a giveaway. It serves to represent the artist, along with the quality of his show. First, the scarf is a very nice compliment to a beautiful jumpsuit. It is in a sense part of the character and integrity of the show you perform and one prop you don't want to skimp on. Once, the scarf is given to a fan, it has now become a personal memory, a momento of the experience of attending your show. It has also created great excitement now for other ladies hoping to have the ETA sing and present them with a scarf.

However, not every lady can be fortunate enough to receive one. That is why a professional looking souvenir table is so important. Following the performance, the ETA should remain by the stage to do a meet & greet with the fans. It allows him the chance to visit as well as to merchandise his souvenirs. He may sell his pictures, CD’s, Teddy Bears, leis and (of course) scarfs. The concert scarf is probably the most popular item he can market as each lady loves to wear her scarf for upcoming shows. It is also important to promote future performance dates. Club owners love to see their guests enjoying themselves, so it is vital that you are a real professional. It certainly will benefit you with return engagements and favorable media.

Ain’t it funny how time slips away during your gig? If spent wisely, the ETA can Walk A Mile knowing he performed well, visited with fans and hopefully earned some additional income through his souvenirs while adding members to his audience.

Remember guys to treat ‘em nice as these ladies were originally Elvis Presley’s fans. I’m sure he is watching over you as you tend to his legion of Loyal Admirers. Wow! What a special blessing. Dawn Marie and I (Ray, Dawn’s Husband) are proud to provide ETA’s with their personal stage scarves, and concert items. We are friends through Elvis.

Most Sincerely,

Dawn Marie & Ray

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