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Feature Article - by Douglas

Best Selling Solo Artist ….DUH

Did anyone ever doubt that it would happen, only now it is official. In August of 2002 sales of Elvis album passed the long anticipated 100 million units sales mark. And a recent audit of sales has revealed that album sales have climbed to 117.5 million. On January 8, 2004 – a day set aside to remember the blessed event, - RCA Records and BMG Strategic Marketing Group along with the Recording Industry Association of America announced during a ceremony at Graceland announced that Elvis Presley now stands as the best selling solo artist in U.S. history.

In all seven records have received there first Gold record status, four of the seven also received Platinum status for sales in excess of one million copies, and four additional Platinum awards and four new multi-Platinum.

Without a doubt the recent releases of “ELVIS: 30 #1 Hits and “2nd to NONE” have helped to push Elvis over the top and introduce him to a new generation of fans. In November 2003, both of the albums were certified Gold and Platinum.

In all, Elvis Presley has received 97 Gold records, 55 of which have been certified Platinum, and 25 have gone on to multi-Platinum status. His highest certified album is "Elvis' Christmas Album" which has been certified for the sale of more than seven million copies.

He has also received more Gold and Platinum singles than any artist in history with 51 Gold singles, 27 of which have been certified Platinum with seven being certified multi-Platinum.

That is the news, now for the rant.

How could it have taken so long for this to become a reality, and why didn’t we hear more about it once it did? Elvis is as popular today as anytime since his departure from entertainment. And with his only child now throwing her hat into the musical arena it is certain that the Presley name will continue to dominate the entertainment landscape for some time to come. But it was not until I went to the Elvis.com website that I learned of this wonderful news.

In a day and time when news organizations are creating stories to put on the air, and everyone seems to be obsessed with the Michael Jackson, and Kolbe Bryant sex scandals, why did we not hear that the greatest ambassador for American entertainment had surpassed a milestone in his unending career?

I have at times felt that the Elvis name had been ridden a little to far, but in this case I don’t think it was ridden far enough. SAY IT LOUD ---- SAY IT PROUD ----- ELVIS is #1.

Until next time - That’s my rant.

Portions of this article were taken from a news release posted on www.elvis.com

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