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Feature Article - by Douglas

Some of you may have seen the recent special on E! about Lisa Marie, and if so you will better understand this month’s rant. Let me start by saying I have never been one who stayed abreast of the latest Lisa Marie gossip, that is just not my thing, but it has been hard to avoid lately. As the release of her debut album draws closer I am sure we will see even more as the PR machine kicks it into high gear. But for the moment I want to address the E! True Hollywood Story special that aired last month.

Let me start by saying that I know Lisa Marie has experienced a great deal of emotional upheaval in her life, but I would not say that she has lived a hard life. I really think the position presented by the E! program misrepresented Lisa Marie and what she would say about her life. I felt like through the whole show they were painting Lisa Marie as this poor misunderstood child who was constantly subjected to life’s most difficult moments.

I am sorry, but I don’t buy the victim angle at all. She was practically waited on hand and foot by Elvis himself, she has never had want for any physical possession, and she has decided until recently to keep most of her life to herself. So why did E! feel the need to paint her as the victim of a life that was hard and unforgiving. Let’s face it we have all had hard circumstances in our life, it is what we choose to do with those circumstances that make the difference in the direction of our lives. Two people in the same situation can come out the other side with two totally different views on what happened.

I think Lisa Marie would tell you that she has made a few bad decisions, but I also think she would say that most of those decisions were ones that she wanted to make, and the she has very little regret for any of her decisions. Let’s give her a little more credit for what has happened in her life than the fact that she lost her father at an early age and then had to suffer through the Beverly Hills lifestyle as a teen.

In short, Lisa Marie has made her own decisions on her own time, and she has either succeeded or not because of those decisions. As I learn more about her in the coming weeks I will pass along more thoughts. Look for a special rant as it relates to the upcoming PRIMETIME THURSDAY interview that Lisa Marie has with Diane Sawyer.

Until next time - That's my rant.

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