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Feature Article - by Kevin

"As long as we're there...
we should make a movie."

When Eimpersonators was invited to the Images of the King Contest, we knew we'd see some of the best Elvis Tribute Artists gathered to compete for the title of "#1 in the nation". And such an occasion could not be taken lightly. So we packed up a camera and headed for Memphis.

"Hunka Burnin Elvi" was filmed at the Images of the King Contest 2003 in Memphis. This short film features the 1st and 2nd place contest winners, Robert Washington and David Lee, as well as 22 other competitors- many stepped in front of our camera right after stepping off the stage! The final version of the film will include two more performers along with the name of each Tribute Artist on the screen as they appear.

Tribute Artists include:

Joe Trites
Robert Washington
Gary Elvis Britt
David Lee
Wayne Rippy
Todd C Martin
Donny Edwards
Dean Z
Curt Lechner
Chris Wilson
Danny Dale
Lil' D
Gino Monopoli
Dwight Icenhower
Terry Price
Rodney Hamrick
Terry Chisholm
Michael Ratcliffe
Daniel Ray
Arik Christopher
Rick Lenzi
Jimmy T
Special thanks to:
Shannon Johnson
Jackie Franklin - Images of the King Contest
Music Maestro
David Jacks -
and all of the ETAs

For more information on the Images of the King Contest, you can check out their website.

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