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By the author of Elvis Lives!, Pamela Williams

ELVIS LIVES - The Business of Being Elvis includes among other subjects, a chapter solely devoted to the topic of Elvis impersonator contests. Although the contests continue to be a controversial subject for some of the Elvis Tribute Artists, the fact remains that the contests persist in playing an essential role in the Business of Being Elvis. ELVIS LIVES - The Business of Being Elvis addresses the role of contests, while at the same time describing some of the biggest and better known contests/festivals in the world.

At press time, I learned of a brand new Elvis contest venue and festival that among other neat features, is endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises. I was unable to include as much information about the festival as I would have liked to but since the date of this new festival is quickly approaching, I want to make certain that everyone has the necessary information to include this new contest in their travel plans. The First Annual Ottawa Elvis Festival will be held in Ottawa, Ontario Province, Canada at the Lansdowne Park from June 27th through June 29th 2003. Ottawa is a beautiful city with a population of nearly 2 million people and is bursting at the seams with Elvis fans. The Ottawa Elvis Festival is scheduled to include a showcase of performers, an Elvis impersonator contest and over 200 vendors.

ETA Mike Morrissette, from Ottawa, and his family played instrumental roles in creating this exciting new event, which I am certain involved a major undertaking. ETA's Ryan Pelton, Shawn Klush, and Mike Morrissette, who are all featured in my book, will be some of the guest performers along with The Jordonaires, The Sweet Inspirations, Al Dvorin and The ExSpence Account Showband. For more information about the Ottawa Elvis Festival, please log onto: I am also very proud to announce that my book, ELVIS LIVES - The Business of Being Elvis, by special invitation from festival organizers, will make its' initial debut to the general public at the Ottawa Elvis Festival. If you are unable to attend the festival and are interested in ordering my book, you will find both an order form and a secure site at

I know that many of you are regular attendees of the contest/festivals. I would really appreciate you sharing with me some of your insights and comments regarding your experiences. You may contact me by visiting or my site regarding your thoughts about the Elvis impersonator contests/festivals.

"Elvis Lives, The Business of Being Elvis" is available for purchase online at

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