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A Few Graceland Secrets

by Kevin

With Elvis Week only a few weeks away, we (at Eimpersonators.com) are making our final arrangements for the Annual Pilgrimage to Graceland. Our journey will cover all the basics: Elvis’ birthplace, SUN Records, Beale Street and of course Graceland. But what always makes the trip a little more exciting is finding those hidden gems along the “road less traveled” and knowing a few secrets of some of the more popular attractions.

Here’s a few “fun facts” you won’t hear on the Graceland tour…
so take note.

#1 – Charlie Hodge’s Bedroom
There are lots of little rooms you won't see on the Graceland tour. Particularly all the downstairs bedrooms used to house the Memphis Mafia. Most are being used for storage now. When you enter the “TV Room” downstairs you are greeted by the dynamic Blue and Yellow décor and the TCB lightning bolt. But look to your left. There’s a blue door there. This was Charlie Hodge’s bedroom or "suite" as he referred to it. Apparently there was always a party going on down there.

#2 – The Swimming Pool
One of the top five comments made by people visiting Graceland is: “I thought Elvis had a guitar-shaped swimming pool.” Nope, never did. It’s kidney-shaped. And it’s no bigger than your average backyard pool. However… if you feel ripped off not seeing a guitar-shaped pool, head over to the Days Inn just South of Graceland plaza. There it is. Frets and all. (Heart Break Hotel has a heart-shaped one.)

#3 – Elvis’ Bathroom
This is where Elvis was found on August 16, 1977 and it’s probably the most guarded room in the house. We may never see the inside of this room, but when you enter the foyer at Graceland, you’re standing right under it. You can even see his bathroom window directly above the font door before you enter. (See the photo at the top of this article.) There is a brief video clip that exists of the upstairs. You'll find it at the beginning of "This Is Elvis" featuring Joe Esposito.

Got another tid-bit you'd like to share? Drop us a line and let us know about it. (eimpersonators@bellsouth.net) Enjoy your tour!
We’ll see you at Elvis Week!

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