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Since the launch of E-impersonators.com, we've received lots of email with great comments and questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

"Why E-impersonators.com? Why not E-Tribute Artists?"

I know, I know, I've heard it before... "We're not Impersonators, We're Tribute Artists!" And I agree. But the answer is Marketing. We honestly researched the use of the term Elvis Tribute Artists compared to Elvis Impersonators on an Internet search engine. In a 30 day period, there were over 7600 searches for Elvis Impersonators, but only 497 searches for Elvis Tribute Artists. (That's more than 15 to 1.) The public is looking for E-impersonators, therefore we are Eimpersonators.com

"Are you advertising E-impersonators.com or relying on word-of-mouth?"

We believe that word-of-mouth can be some of the best advertising around... but we don't rely on that. Currently, E-impersonators is being advertised on the Internet throughout the U.S. and in 62 countries. We feel we have a responsibility to our clients and vendors to provide them with the most exposure possible.

"Where are you located?"

Good question. E-impersonators does not have a central location. Our staff is spread throughout the U.S. That's the beauty of the world wide web.

"How long will E-impersonators offer the Free listings?"

A looooooooong time. We have no intensions of ever removing or charging for our basic listings. Think of us as a Tribute Artist phonebook. If you just want your name, location and phone number listed, it's free. But if you want to stand out from the other listings by adding links, photos or a bio, then you pay for the advertising.

"Am I protected from rate increases on your advanced listings?"

Yes. We do not anticipate any rate increases for advanced listings, but for argument sake, if you've paid for a two-year listing in advance, your rate will not be increased for that period.

"Can I link to E-impersonators.com from my site?"

Absolutely. We have banner ads available to download directly from our site. 

"Great site!"

Thanks! (Not really a question but we felt it deserved publishing.)

More questions? Feel free to ask us via email.

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