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Hello Elvis Fans,

Thanks for stopping by! Every month, I'll be posting a new review on music, audio equipment and other topics that can benefit E-impersonators.

For the past thirteen years, I have been entertaining people as “Big T” with Big T’s Karaoke Show. When I first discovered Karaoke, my very first song I sang was “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, after receiving tremendous applause, I was hooked and since then I have been running one of the most successful shows in South Florida.

I am not an E-impersonator myself but I am known for my ability to sound very close to the King. I have been an Elvis fan since I was a child when my father did an impersonation of Elvis for a local talent show, (I still have a picture of him on my desk, not bad Daddy-o). I later met the creator of this web site in High School, we were both Elvis fans and let me tell you, there is no better way to build a friendship with someone than to have the same idol and let me say that Kevin and I are still best friends to this day.

When I first began hosting Karaoke Shows, I was known for singing Elvis songs and everywhere I went people would shout “Hey, Elvis“ and even though my talents have grown and I am more versatile, I have never forgotten the man or music that inspired me to start my own show and neither do my patrons. Whether it’s the one hour tributes I do in January and August or just a request for some Elvis in the middle of a regular weekly show, people old and young still enjoy hearing and singing the music of the King so therefore I am doing my part to keep the music alive.

Until next time...

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